S.M. Peace Mediation Services

“Helping Parties to Develop Unique and Effective Resolutions”

S.M. Peace Mediation Services is committed to helping you to resolve your dispute with confidentiality and professionalism.

We help parties to address and resolve disputes related to divorce, child custody, domestic relations, and civil matters.  Our neutral mediators are experienced and registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.  We are committed to providing dispute resolution services that focus on the needs of the mediating parties.  We are able to settle the most complex disputes, regardless of the type or size of the case.  We are also flexible and offer evening and weekend availability.  At SMPM, your time is important and we will work hard to move past any difficult obstacles that may come up in the mediation process.

We believe the cost of mediation should be reasonable for all individuals and businesses. Our rates are as follows:


$125.00 per party/per day


2 Party Case: $150.00 Per Party Per Hour

3 Party Case: $140.00 Per Party Per Hour

4 Party Case: $125.00 Per Party Per Hour 

Please feel free to contact our office to request additional details or inquire about available dates for a mediation session.